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Trulux Zinfandel cluster

Trulux Zinfandel cluster


Lodi Native is a collaborative project by six winegrowers of like mind, living and working in the Lodi American Viticultural Area — particularly Lodi’s historic Mokelumne River sub-AVA.  Their mission:  to turn the spotlight on the region’s heritage plantings – many of them dating back to the late 1800s – through sensible viticulture and minimalist winemaking practices, beginning with native yeast fermentation and use of no new oak.  The focus is on Zinfandel, but on the taste of vineyards rather than varietal character or brand. 

The first vintage of Lodi Native Zinfandels was 2012. The current release is 2013, and the project has continued through subsequent vintages.

 Lodi Native wines are available for purchase in 6-bottle cases only, each consisting of six different single-vineyard bottlings in a wood box, in the Lodi Wine & Visitor Center. For shipping questions, please contact Jeremy Bowe <jeremy@lodiwine.com>.

Lodi Native Vineyards Map


Marian’s Vineyard
Winemaker, Stuart Spencer (St. Amant Winery)
Growers, Jerry & Bruce Fry (Mohr-Fry Ranches)

Schmiedt Ranch
Winemaker, Tim Holdener (Macchia Wines)
Grower, Schmiedt Family

Soucie Vineyard
Winemaker, Layne Montgomery (m2 Wines)
Grower, Kevin Soucie

Stampede Vineyard
Winemaker, Ryan Sherman (Fields Family Wines)
Grower, Jeff and John Perlogos

TruLux Vineyard
Winemaker, Michael McCay (McCay Cellars)
Grower, Keith Watts

Wegat Vineyard
Winemaker, Chad Joseph (Maley Brothers)
Grower, Todd Maley

2013 Lodi Native bottles


  • To demonstrate to more sophisticated consumers, media (print and blogosphere) and gatekeepers (such as specialty retailers and sommeliers/restaurateurs) that distinguished, distinctly identifiable vineyards exist in Lodi, similar to other great wine regions of the world.
  • To encourage preservation and appreciation of old vine plantings – well as of Lodi’s long tradition of grower/custodians – by focusing more attention on vineyard sites, vis-à-vis real and tangible sensory expressions in each bottling.
  • To build professional camaraderie, a culture of information sharing, and new challenges for Lodi’s Zinfandel specialists.
Zin picker

Lodi zin picker


  • That anything worth doing should entail fairly strict protocols in order to be meaningful. 
  • That no protocol should run contrary to the project’s primary purpose, which is to highlight terroir, and Lodi’s heritage Zinfandel plantings and growers.
  •  That each participating producer faithfully applies “best efforts,” while being willing to sacrifice personal or brand style in order to achieve the project’s mission.
m2 winery cat

m2 winery cat


  •  100% Zinfandel bottlings from a single contiguous vineyard (exception:  old vine plantings with long established field mixes) located within the Lodi AVA.
  • Preference for established “old vine” plantings (35 to over 100 years old), with exceptions made for distinctive younger plantings.
  • Native yeast (non-inoculated) fermentations only.
  • No use of oak chips, dust or similar amendments.
  • No acidification or de-acidification.
  • No new oak or use of innerstaves in aging process.
  • No water addition or de-alcoholizing measures.
  • No tannin additions.
  • No inoculation for malolactic fermentation.
  • No use of Mega-Purple or other concentrate products. 
  • No filtering or fining.
  • No must concentration, Flash Détente or similar extraction measures
  • Proposed cuvées are to be submitted by each producer for sensory evaluation and subsequent approval of entire group.
  • Preference for vineyards certified by Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing and/or CCOF.
Lodi Native winemakers (clockwise from left): Layne Montgomery (m2); Stuart Spencer (St. Amant); Ryan Sherman (Fields Family); Michael McCay (McCay Cellars); Tim Holdener (Macchia); Chad Joseph (Maley Brothers)

Lodi Native winemakers (clockwise from left): Layne Montgomery (m2); Stuart Spencer (St. Amant); Ryan Sherman (Fields Family); Michael McCay (McCay Cellars); Tim Holdener (Macchia); Chad Joseph (Maley Brothers)